Luckett Davidson

Luckett Davidson, Executive Coach

As a coach Ms. Davidson believes that her clients are the creative, resourceful and whole.  Her clients are engaged in traveling a pathway to their best selves, to a balance of passion and renewal, to personal satisfaction and unparalleled efficacy in their communities – from family to local and global.  

An organization building consultant since 2001, Ms. Davidson has developed a second career partly shaped by her varied experience as the long-time owner of a highly successful catering company.   Her present practice, focused primarily on executive coaching, is grounded in Presence-Based Coaching, a program certified by the International Coaching Federation; Leadership that Works; Executive Transition Management, presented by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the Grove’s graphic facilitation, as well as a wide variety of post degree studies in art, coaching and facilitation.  She has created a portfolio of illustrations and metaphors to make the concepts of coaching and change accessible and memorable.  Clients include large public systems, large and small non-profits, large and small businesses and individuals.   

She is a participating member of VizThink which instructs, promotes and supports visual thinking at all levels.  She has a masters degree in fine arts, a bachelors in English literature.  As a contributor in her community, she has served on a number of non-profit boards, both start-ups and long-established  organizations.  In 2010 she was selected one of only 128 Connectors by Leadership Louisville. 

Founder of TouchStone Coaching and Consulting 

Leadership Development Coach, Graphic Facilitator and Recorder, Visual Thinker, Organization Building Consultant, Project Manager, Visual Artist and Concept Developer

Luckett Davidson, luckett@iglou.comTel: 502-797-8113