Client Wisdom: Fundraising Tips

hands tree-02(6).jpgAll of our clients are interested in fundraising – without it, after all, their organizations wouldn’t be able to do the good work they do in the world.  Some of our clients are interested in developing their fundraising expertise and it becomes a research topic, from which the knowledge gained and ideas sparked become something they work to implement within their organizations.  A Coach can support this kind of skill building, serving as your thought partner and by holding you accountable to the plan and commitments you create.

Here is how one client worked it.  He researched the topic online and found two resources that offered a LOT of tips.  Nothing is one-size-fits-all; because he deeply understand his own non-profit’s goals and aspirations, their comfort with technology, and the diversity of expertise, he could see the potential of specific ideas, their possible applications to boost fundraising for his nonprofit.  He shared them with me, and with the Board of Directors of which he is Chair. Instead of delivering the answers, he is delivering ideas, possibilities — at the same time sharing the inspiration and tapping into the diverse perspectives of others.  From this, anything is possible.

Good information should be shared, right? Here are the articles he found , for you.

The information was compiled by Network for Good, an organization that provides Internet-based services to support fundraising efforts. While I’m not convinced of the value of the subscription services (they seem expensive to me), they do appear to offer a tremendous amount of value for free in the public domain in the form of these e-books and training and blogs.

Our client really liked 10 Fundraising Mantras for 2013, and Date Your Donors: Woo and Wow with Social Media; I liked Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog