Lucia Quachey, CEO and Chairperson of Lucia Manufacturing Industry Limited, MIREDCO and AWIDE

Here is what a few of the clients and coaches have to say …

I appreciated the LIFO report – this is me!  My coach challenged me, helped me create projects to use this with and I reviewed it with my staff.  I would not have wanted to miss this opportunity; thanks, Rebecca, for telling us about it.  I recommend this program.”  Lucia Quachey, CEO and Chairperson of Lucia Manufacturing Industry Limited, MIREDCO and AWIDE

Shafiu Shaibu, Director of Finance and Administration, SEND

I have learnt to occasionally ‘change shoes’ to see what my subordinates feel or what my supervisor feels at a point in time. This guides my acting at all times.  I sometimes get stressed up because I try to assist others with their work. I have learnt to put on the ‘oxygen mask’ on myself before I put same on others. The flight attendant always reminds me of that. “ –Shafiu Shaibun Deputy Director- SEND Ghana

Richard Gyasi Kwaa Executive Secretary, CITG


Overall, it has been a great experience learning to take time to observe how we do things in our everyday life while trying out new ways to do them better.  I will recommend CWOB to others.”  – Richard Gyasi Kwaa- Executive Secretary Chartered Institute Of Tax Ghana

Ishmael Edjekumhene, Director, KITE

This has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned a lot within a short period of time. One thing that I have discovered for the first time is that staff members have a choice to accept or reject requests and that has to be taken into consideration in job assignments.  I will certainly recommend this program to every leader.”  – Ishmael Edjekumhene. Director KITE


“I completed six months with Coaches without Borders – an excellent program that is tailored to your goals.  This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are either entering a new supervisory situation, have been a long-term supervisor, who are entering a new organization, or contemplating change in their professional life. . . I strongly recommend it.” –Christopher Price, Vice President, Field Program and Operations at World Neighbors, Inc.

It was a privilege to engage with a wonderful African professional who is so committed to Ghana’s development, as well as his own learning. Having been deeply inspired by my own work in Africa, I loved having a way to contribute without the financial and environmental costs of travel. CWOB is an innovative experiment in delivering coaching to people who need and deserve the support, but who might not have the funds or access. We really can make a difference.” – Doug Silsbee, PCC

Any coach that is interested in working internationally would benefit from working in the CWOB program. The experience is enriching for the coach and client alike. I gained a greater appreciation of the similarities between cultures as well as respecting the differences in obstacles to getting work done. Above all, I’ve established relationships with people I expect will influence me for the rest of my life. I look forward to working with CWOB again!”  –Linda DeLuca, CPC